Wise Up

window watching

wickedly deep thoughts

who am i really

Update – I Could Kill

welcome to sex offender island

what comes around

white trash olympics

them sneaky asians

the write path for me

The Mystery Continues

the invisible alligator

some days I just need to be punished

spy devil

summer days pt. 2

the crabbing effect

secret airport wishes

searching for bird

practicing on your kids for my kids

political wacktivists

outside in – 8.12.06

outside in – 8.21.06

pearls of wisdom

pet peeve #4,385

outside in – 5.26.06

outside in – 3.22.06

outside in – 3.8.06

outside in – 2.8.06

nightmares of the sick and somnolent

notes to self – 3.24.06

now bears everywhere

outside in – 1.18.06

night sweats

my little big burrito

motive & method have a fight

man scale

letter to neighbors about dog

life underwater

look at this idiot

losing moose

Kill the Messenger

just in – god hates america

inside out – 10.26.06

inside out – 8.6.06

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inside out – 4.16.06

inside out – 5.24.06

inside out – 7.5.06

inside out – 2.26.06

in case you don't know me

inside out – 2.1.06

idiot parents unite

dear motherfucker

don‘t trust these people

forgot – dead dear

homework from hell

culture vs cake

dance off pants off

crazy is as crazy does

calculus entropy

bad bubba! bad!

Best of Lima – 2006

burning excess

bush to shock mexicans, bears and gators


alligators everywhere

a new hero of mine

a hippy like helen

…ands sweden

30 seconds to love all I can

45 minutes in christian living