Oct 17

tn_grilled-romaineDo you like butterscotch Bird?

What’s butterscratch?

Hmm.  Maybe you haven’t had it.

Why are the putting that salad on the grill dad?  Don’ they know you just have to wash it, dry it and eat it?

And with that, my four year old and I had a brief discussion about grilling Romaine lettuce and went back to watching a tailgating special on the Food Network.  Not exactly the shows I woke up to watch on Saturday mornings when I was growing up…but I’ve always thought my Bird is a little unique.  7:58 am and she’s created an ambitious agenda for us already: swimming, carving pumpkins, decorating the house for Halloween and cooking a buffalo chicken pizza, coffee rubbed beef tenderloin and a four layer chocolate cake.  The grilled salad didn’t catch her fancy.

tn_DSC04881Last night we made lasagna and cherry pie with vanilla bean ice cream.  Anything with simple steps and ingredients is good for my little helpers, especially when there aren’t hot ingredients.  We set up little stations for the pasta, cheeses and meat mix and the girls took turns laying down each layer while Dad governed the process and smoothed over any transgressions, whether in the lasagna or between the two of them.  That went into the oven first, but of course they couldn’t think about anything except the pie and circled the oven island stalking it for the entire 45 minutes it took to cook.  When it was finally time to take it out of the oven, they pushed back hard against me telling them that it now needed to rest for about 30 minutes.  “Pies don’t rest Dad.”  Ok, ok.  So we didn’t slice the cherry pie.  We scooped it into bowls and drenched it in vanilla bean where it all melted into a warm, sweet mush (that Lily ate with her hands).  From what I could tell – heaven.

tn_DSC04861I can already tell it’s going to be one of those weekends…they type where leaving home is barely an option.  Of course we’ll have to go to the store for our pumpkins and, as Bird just reminded me, a few other sundries that we’re out of: soy milk, paper towels and a new ceiling fan (she thinks ours is broken because I turned it off at the base to discourage them from throwing their blankets up on it then letting it fling them across the room.  Seemed like trouble.)  But even though we will step out for swimming and to get things we need, we’ll all do it together.  I just consider that as taking home to other places for a while.

Lily just woke up and came wandering out of her room, waving her magic wand at me and demanding that cherry pie magically appear.

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