Oct 4

tn_pepper wingsOn a recent trip to DC I went to a new place called Founding Farmers. It’s owned by a bunch of farmers and use fresh ingredients from local farms, ranches, etc.  Per usual, I was interested in more of the menu than my stomach could hold but that never stops me.  That’s just the point where my default rationalization for over-indulging kicks in: “Let’s just get a bunch of things and taste them all.”  Well, it was all good and I recommend the place.  The black pepper wings (pictured here) were a standout and I decided I’d try and replicate them at home.

tn_DSC04707It’s a rare occurrence when a restaurant or chef actually give out the recipe for one of their menu items.  I checked online on the off chance that these hippy farmers were into sharing their secrets as part of the restaurant’s ‘educate the world on fresh foods’ campaign.  No luck.  But I think I did ok by memory.  I baked my wings first, 350 for about 25 minutes than crisped them up with the broiler.  For sauce I used sesame oil, minced garlic, vinegar, black pepper and soy sauce (cut w/a bit of sugar) then dusted them with green onions and thinly sliced Serrano chilis.  Even though they weren’t identical, this was a recipe worth keeping (finished product pictured here).

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