Oct 4

tn_VicodinVicodin is pretty much incapacitating.  While there is a certain feeling of detachment that is admittedly pleasurable, like, not being able to get anxious about work, etc, I can’t imagine how people take that stuff and function in life.  I’ve been sitting in a bed all day, sometimes zoning out for minutes before I realize my chin has dropped to my chest and I’m staring at the wall while drool oozes out the side of my mouth.  I just took half a dose to see if I can get the good and avoid the stupid.  Maybe the answer will be evident by the end of this post.

The truth is that I’m not in a ton of pain.  That could be because I’m not moving much I guess, and the fact that I’m drugged up.  But I really thought it would be worse.  Pain aside, however, coming out from anesthesia isn’t fun for me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been under the knife – 15-20 years to be exact.  I’d mostly forgotten about my tonsillectomy, wisdom teeth and deviated septum surgeries.  Then on the way home from the hospital I had a flashback to my mom bringing me home and having to pull over on the side of the road so I could vomit out the door.  (Wow and even THAT flashback brings back so many others…though none related to surgery or my mom.)

Now I have my three nurses waiting on me hand and foot.  Ava gave me a bell that I had bought for her in the Las Vegas airport.  “Just ring this if you need anything.”  And sure enough when that bell chimes, Nurse Lily and Nurse Ava come running.  Then periodically Ava sticks her head in the door and then runs off.  Then I call her back and ask her what she’s doing.  “Well, you just are ringing the bell very much.”  So I’ve had to develop some needs – ice, soda, toast, straws and such.

tn_tyson-mainOne up side of being bed-ridden is that I’ve had hours upon hours of uninterrupted TV watching.  Rather than spend it on the reality section of my DVR selections, which I can do anytime, I’ve watched a couple movies – both good.  The first one was ‘State of Play’ with Ben Affleck & Russell Crowe.  Good DC-based story with tons of twists.  I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can pay attention; it’s over two hours and is a pretty twisty ride.  Worth watching, especially if you have some knowledge/interest in DC and politics…or corruption.  I also watched the new Mike Tyson documentary, creatively titled ‘Tyson.’  Anyone who has ever had an opinion on Mike Tyson, good or bad, would find this movie interesting.  Then again I watched it on painkillers.  Good ones.

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