Oct 3

tn_DSC04449“Listen.  You do what I tell you to do and you don’t do what I tell you not to do.  Got it?  In return for your obedience, I will provide you food, a place to sleep and protection from monsters that want to gobble you up.”

“Wait, what?”

“Get out of the bath tub.”

Ava is regressing.  Part of me knows she’s dealing with being a grown-up at school while her sister still gets to be a baby at home.  There are definite benefits to being a baby you know.  She’s dealing with a ton of things right now…turning four, other kids…kids that don’t have blankets, that don’t suck their thumb, that are far more comfortable being around each other because they’ve been in day-care, not home with a nanny.  Without question she is in need of more attention from Mom and Dad and we need to remember that.  Now that she’s spending mornings at school…there’s a lot to talk about at night!

It’s tough and we need to pay close attention to the things our girls are going through independently as well as how what’s going on with one affects the other.  With both of us working at demanding jobs, it isn’t hard for us to forget how important shutting it all down is. It seems like every few months a new thing comes up that simultaneously forces us to restructure our day and takes another scoop of our personal lives away from us.  First it was one baby.  There goes sleep.  Then she got sick.  There goes work.  Then there were two babies.  Sleep isn’t coming back.  Then they both got sick.  Quarantine.  Swimming lessons.  Dance lessons.  Babysitter is sick.  Third child?  School starting.


tn_DSC04603Tonight the roof was about to blow off the house.  At some point between Lily looking for every opportunity to steal Ava’s blanket away from her and run and Ava screaming at her in baby talk (yep, that’s new) I caught a glimpse of Rhonda across the kitchen.  Our eyes seemed to have a conversation of their own.

“You want to beat this one or that one?”


“Hmm.  Me too.  Then what would I do?”

“Watch?  Or we could take turns.  Each take a whack?”

I blinked before that conversation could finish itself.

“I’m going to the store.  Come on Bird…you want to go with me?”

tn_DSC04433In less than two minutes we were en route.  She knew the shopping list – tomatoes and salmon, and talked non-stop on the way to the supermarket, while she helped push the cart, as she put the items on the conveyor…all the way home.  I learned about Eli, the boy who got sent home for being sassy.  Well he’s back.  And I heard about her much deliberated decision to not be a ladybug for Halloween and the widespread support she’s received from her ‘girlfriends’ for her choice (a black cat).  Mommy and I tagged out at home and she heard the stories while I made dinner.  Then baths. Then one show – Olivia.  Now sleeping.  Right here. No fighting.  No craziness.

Note to self.

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