Oct 15

tn_DSC01302It’s taken me awhile to get back “here”… per usual I guess.  Regardless, I want to stick with what I laid out in my last entry and use this time to log some of the items I’ve done between birth and now.  Ultimately where I’m trying to go is laying out some agenda items to take on from now until death, but this feels like a constructive and fun place to start.  Since thinking about it, I’ve had random experiences jump into my head and started smiling while I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.  I forgot all about that!”  So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of the unique things I have accomplished or experienced by age 40:

tn_rec2aGone skydiving

Got married (huge standout in my head)

Been scuba diving

Paid a complete stranger in Mexico to cook for me and my friends and bring her family over for dinner

Become a father (number one on any list of mine)

Traveled Europe in a back pack

Been arrested

Met the President

Been part of a sitcom studio audience

Gone white water rafting

Stayed in a castle

tn_Bubba1992Played the national anthem on an electric guitar at a college basketball game

Caught a shark

Created a web site

Attended a transexual runway show (yeah, that’s right)

Gone parasailing

Written a collection of short stories

Sat in the front row of a concert

Won a powerlifting competition

Earned a Master’s degree

Partied all night in New Orleans

Learned to play the guitar

tn_csulbBeen inside the White House west wing for work, not just a tour

Played in a band

Been in a bar fight

Bought a house

Written a screenplay

Ridden in an ambulance

Taken break dancing lessons

Seen Michael Jackson in concert

Rode a bike down a volcano.

Been on a blind date

tn_photo 1Gone ‘curling’ – that’s right, curling

Was mugged my police in Mexico

Recorded a song that I wrote and played all the music for

Gone to a movie by myself

Worn leather pants.  Out. Really.

Owned a gun

Earned a six figure income

Got a tattoo

Learned how to ride a motorcycle

tn_Bubba27Been to a professional football, baseball, hockey and basketball games…wrestling too

Participated in a contest where I had to throw a fish from Florida into Alabama

Bet on dog races

Gone deep sea fishing

Brought the house down singing karaoke

Spent time in jail

Gone zip lining

Stayed in a lavish suite in Vegas

Been spear fishing

Had major surgery

Owned a Harley

Rode in a hot air balloon

tn_IMG_5883Not bad.  I don’t think anyone could accuse me of living a boring life, that’s for sure.

In reading this I was struck several times by feeling as though I am reading someone else’s list.  Some of these things are from so long ago, perhaps experienced by a version of me that doesn’t even exist anymore.  Then I stop on one of my experiences and think about it in detail…until I start to smile, remembering what I was doing in life, maybe what I was feeling.

Also, it seems like I keep forgetting things.  Instead of waiting until I’ve got it ‘all’ down, I think I’ll just periodically come back and add the things I forgot.  Or remembered.

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