Sep 26

tn_plans-for-the-year-2011There have been a lot of reasons to remember this year, that’s for sure.  I turned 40.  Ava started kindergarten.  All kinds of trips…Hawaii, Nashville, etc…  My dad’s memorial(s)…  Not all of them earn a positive or negative ranking in my head.  Some are just noteworthy ingredients to the Bubba Nunnery life recipe.  But one thing has been a standout this year and, in particular, this summer – riding my motorcycle.

tn_IMG00124-20110710-1729This entry is directly following a ride through the country en route to St. Mary’s.  Rhonda was working down there but I didn’t have much of a reason to go.  I just finished most of my work early and it was a beautiful fall day.  So, on went the boots, the riding gloves, my orange rimmed riding glasses and my helmet… and then I mounted up.  The ride was pretty awesome.  All the leaves are changing colors and floating lazily to the ground them roll across the road.  Most of the crops are in their twilight hour and occasionally I’d slow down to pass a tractor that was making a turn-around before heading back into the corn fields.  The farmer would give me a wave.  I’d just wait patiently, contently, happy to be outside with the wind at my face.  During fall, the clouds are high up in the sky and the light takes on a yellow tint.  At 60 mph I’d watch ahead and see where the clouds got between the earth and the sun, causing a mini-eclipse.  Admittedly, I was preoccupied about deer running into the road a fair amount of the time.  They reportedly look for opportunities to hit motorcycle riders – not jump in front of motorcycles, mind you, but jump into riders, like from the side.  How terrifying is that?  I didn’t see any, but I was looking, believe that.

tn_DSC01185Such a great experience and it’s got me thinking how happy I am that I decided to make riding a part of my life even if it didn’t make sense to anyone but me.  To the people who chuckled and gave me the condescending nod about having a mid-life crises I’ve just shrugged.  “Not much to do where I live.  Why give me shit about adding another option to my pallet?”  I know as this motorcycle thing has stuck, they’ve grown quiet.  I’m also quietly of the opinion that my willingness to go off and do something out of character all in the name of expanding my horizons has a few of them thinking…thinking about how they wish they had more hobbies in life.

tn_Photo on 2011-09-29 at 16.39Here’s the other thing.  I can’t focus on any one thing.  If I’m doing something, I’m thinking about something else…planning maybe, maybe not.  Maybe my brain is just mindlessly wandering.  But when I am riding, there isn’t much of a choice about where my thoughts can go; I can’t focus on much else except the ride, which I love.  Very peaceful.  And, similar to when I’m at the gym I can think about things without being disturbed or losing concentration.

Anyway.  Getting turned on to riding is my favorite thing about 2011 so far.

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