Sep 25

tn_zen-principles-of-social-networkingDespite the rough start, I’ve had a week of feeling good.  I’m exhausted and my stress level is still generally high, but I feel good.  I’ve been preparing for each of my days and not drinking at night.  I’ve been going to be early, getting the rest I need to be at my best.  And, perhaps most importantly, I’ve taken note of how much making healthy decisions matters, how I am getting the results I want and ultimately keeping my stress level low and feeling good about myself (something I struggle with).

tn_DSC01754That feeling spilled into the weekend with me being excited about spending time with my family.  We did a ton together too – went shopping, baked pretzels, saw the Lion King in 3d, among some of our activities.  As I am chronically tormented by feeling like there is more I can do as a father, having a weekend without travel, without people, without work has returned my state of mind to a baseline level of happiness.  And I can see my girls absorb that time with me; they hang on my arms; they jump at every opportunity to be around me.  Ava couldn’t wait to go help me find light bulbs at Lowes.  Lily would curl up against my chest anywhere I was sitting and say she was “gluing” herself to me.  Love.

tn_DSC01734I also thought about getting to the gym after the weekend and resuscitating the motivation I had in the spring and summer to make it to kettle bell classes with Rhonda, run and watch my diet.  I can tell I’ve gained weight in the last couple months.  It was hard not to in Wisconsin where there aren’t any vegetables and beer, cheese and meat are such a fixture part of their way of life (see: macaroni and cheese pizza).  This is the time of year I gain weight anyway, too.  The weather changes and our home menu shifts from lean meats and fish grilled on an open flame w/crisp salads and roasted vegetables to stews and pasta, dark beer and fattier proteins.  But it’s ok.  I know that.  The key, as always, is to calibrate and find balance in any season, balance in any state of mind.  I wish I was better at that.

Anyway.  I feel good.  I want to remember.  I’ve done things this week that led me to this place.  Help me remember.

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