Jun 28

tn_DSC00169We woke up at 6am this morning.  Somehow that just makes sense here.  The sun rears its head over the sea and palm trees and sends a clear message: “Do you want to miss even a minute of this?”  Nope.  No I don’t.  I went running early, getting in about four sweaty miles down the coast.  Not all that impressive but it sure felt good.

tn_DSC09771After that we drove into Hanalei to rent snorkeling gear, finding a quaint little shopping area that had a fresh juice stand out in the parking lot.  We got fins and masks for the four of us then headed outside for some fresh juice.  Easy enough.  Weather in Kauai is deceptively simple; it changes all the time and it’s never really bad.  The reason I write that here is because between the juice stand and the car we got caught in a torrential downpour that lasted all of about three minutes – quick but totally enough to soak us.

tn_DSC09777I don’t know how the girls are functioning.  I mean really.  At the time I am writing this we have been here for 36 hours and that’s been enough time to go swimming six times at four different beaches.  The other two times were at the pool.  And getting to those beaches was no easy task – believe that.  But it was adventure and adventures with your family are (almost) always fun.

tn_DSC09979First we ended up at some random beach while we were looking for another secret beach (uncreatively titled “The Secret Beach”).  We did end of finding the secret beach in the afternoon, something that required all of us to climb 200 feet straight down!  Beautiful as it was, the waves were just too damn big for the girls to get near the water.  So we had a picnic instead and then went swimming somewhere else (Anini Bay.  By that time, I was exhausted!  It took all of about 10 minutes for me to fall asleep in the sun.  How were these girls not tired?  Then, when I woke up, Ava was out snorkeling with Rhonda…by herself!

tn_DSC09885It probably rained five times over the course of the day.  And the sun shined too – altogether it was enough to give us a great day and me a deep, vacation sunburn.  Love it.  We’ll see how much I love it when I get skin cancer.  After we finally made it home, I jetted over to the store and picked up some fresh ahi and short ribs.  We had a very vacation-y home cooked meal then ambled across the street to see Donna’s family.  More people coming in tomorrow.  I hope I have time to write while we’re here!

Now it’s 9pm and I can barely keep my eyes open.  Bedtime without regrets.

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