Feb 20


Seven major cities in fourteen days.  Vegas to Denver to Detroit to home sweet Ohio (briefly) to Nashville to Washington DC to Chicago.  Ah yes, that’s where I am – Chicago.  Whew.  I was worried that I was just going to remain an indistinguishable blur out someone else’s window.  Maybe I should write a paragraph rationalizing how transient I feel by painting over it with all the great restaurants I’ve eaten at in the last month, or maybe with the congressional penthouse suite I stayed in in DC this week.  That works sometimes, but I don’t think it’s for today.  Today I am just too tired to care.

skype snapshot 2010 (2)People ask me all the time if all my travel is hard on the kids.  It’s a reasonable question.  I remember when I was a kid and my parents would go to Europe for a month or six weeks at a time.  We might get to talk to them once a week for five minutes.  It was far too expensive to do any more than that.  Technology and resources narrow the travel divide a few degrees these days.  The internet and other keen inventions like web cams, Face Time & Skype mean you can talk just about any time you feel like it – and for free, too.  But also, we’re fortunate in that we can take the kids with us if we want to.  It doesn’t work for every trip, but sometimes it does.  Furthermore, we don’t always have to spend family time buried in cans of play dough or watching Ice Age for the 400th time; we get out and travel with the kids which, I think, is a whole other dimension of spending time together.

map-450Now I can be right or I can be wrong and today it doesn’t make me feel better one way or another or take away from the reality that more time with my family is better for me and its better for them.  Today I am drowning in map coordinates and cursing a new tear in my garment bag as I peruse for clean underwear, try to figure out how many hours off my watch is and count how long I have until I can fall asleep.

Then I think about the next few months.  South Carolina.  Denver.  New Orleans.  San Diego.  Paris.  Hawaii.  I don’t see how it all gets done.  It’s too much and I’m ready to stop it all.

Change is on the horizon.

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