Jan 12

tn_7-blizzard-stormToday will be my first foray back into work.  I’m flying to Washington D.C. at 3:10 today, weather permitting.  It’s been snowing pretty much non-stop since yesterday.  I fly out of Dayton, so that should be ok.  It seems there are mixed reports about what’s going to go on in D.C. this week, weather-wise.  No matter, I just hope I get back on time Friday night.  No sooner do I get home then I turn around (Saturday morning) and take a flight back to Denver for a few days, to work on my dad’s things.  It’s exhausting.

tn_unpluggedI don’t know how effective I’m going to be this week anyway.  I just can’t focus on anything.  Beyond that, and potentially worse, I just don’t care either.  Even now, I should be prepping for my 11am call where I go over my part of the all staff retreat we are having tomorrow and Friday.  Work has been good with me, giving me a ton of flexibility about when I come back into the scene force and how much I’m on the hook for right now.  Somehow all that’s doing for me now is leaving me feeling guilty…though not enough to do anything differently.

tn_DSC07649Last night I called Richard to talk about my dad.  As I put his eulogy together, there are places in his life where I either know very little about what was going on with him or I only know partial information.  I needed to get Richard on the phone for a half hour or so to allow me to (somewhat) interview him.   Boy, there are times when talking to him is just like talking to my dad.  Must be a southern thing.  He could make me laugh or cry with just a couple words and I know he wasn’t even trying.  Actually…he didn’t even know.  I feel like writing some of the things he told me, but I’m just not sure I can translate them to written word.  His voice, that southern bent…all will be lost.

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