Dec 1

tn_black_smallWriter Hat – I used to have one of these hats and I don’t know what happened to it!  As far as I know, the only place you can get these is at the Writer’s Store in Santa Monica.


Cookware Salt Plates – I think it’s awesome that this bloody carnage is an actual meal of mine and not something I found online!  It’s very important to get the COOKWARE salt block and not the TABLEWARE.  The tableware isn’t sturdy enough to put in the oven.

tn_rubRib/Meat Rubs – I don’t actually have a link to any particular place here.  You can get rubs just about anywhere.  One important note – just because something sounds exotic doesn’t mean it’s anything you want to eat or make for others.  Go with delicious over unique when it comes to rubs.

tn_FENDER+SHIRT+60+AMPT-shirts – I know, lame.  But the truth is that I need t-shirts.  Two types I am looking for: 1) Just regular xl white shirts (like undershirts). 2) Shirts with designs on them that I would like.  Yes, odd gift.  But I just have drawers of campaign shirts and those don’t always work.

tn_redChef’s Jacket – NOT white – I don’t even understand why they would make these jackets white.  I assume myself to be an XL.  Black would be fine… actually, any color besides white would work.  You could even embroider it! (with my name, not “daddy” – sorry girls.)

tn_chopperSmart Chopper – Somehow, somewhere, I lost the most basic and effective tool in my kitchen.  I need another one!  Don’t over think this – I have a high end food processor…more than one actually. This is the item I am looking for.  p.s. Mom, you have one of these and it’s a travesty that you never use it.

tn_ComebackS1The Comeback – Season 1 (only season) – Sorry if you have never seen the funniest show ever to get canceled after one season.  You’ve really missed out.  However, if someone can land this beauty under the Christmas tree this year, we can all watch it together!  I guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.




tn_savoryOk, so as usual, I have several gift card options.  I don’t know that I need to belabor explaining any of them.  Additionally, putting these options here shouldn’t indicate that these are the only cards I would like.

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