Aug 22

tn_harleyPeople ask me all the time what’s new.  What’s going on with you?  What’s new with the girls?  I never really think about my answer.  Not much.  Same deal today that it was yesterday… Mostly I just assume that people don’t really care what’s new but they don’t know what else to say, so I don’t put any effort into my answer. But then sometimes I’ll be by myself, later, thinking about something and I’ll say…Hey, that’s new.  Maybe that person would have appreciated hearing that information. Case and point – I bought a motorcycle this week.  Strike that.  I bought a Harley.  A big one.  One that weighs a thousand pounds without an ounce of gasoline in it.  No one knows about it because I just haven’t felt the need to share.  But I bet some people would find that interesting.

tn_illogicWell my wife knows, duh.  She had a few things to say about it, too.  It’s dangerous.  You don’t ride motorcycles.  Why spend the money? All true or good points.  Motorcycles are dangerous.  I haven’t ridden one since college.  Leaving that money in the bank does make more sense.  And I’m not going to posture – if she put her foot down, I wouldn’t have bought it.  No bad feelings either.  Spouses should be able to throw down a line in the sand when their concerns are legitimate.  And I think if both partners can grant the other one eternal veto power and stick to it, it means you have a trusting and respectful relationship.  But Rhonda didn’t throw down her veto power, she just made a lot of good points.

tn_logicBut so what?  I don’t have a deep history of always doing the smart or rational things and I’m good with that.  I am in touch with myself, more so than a lot of guys my age.  Up until a year and a half ago I didn’t wear a watch either.  Then I decided to get a nice one and I got the same incredibly legitimate inquiry from my wife.  You don’t wear a watch.  Why buy an expensive one right out of the gate?  You lose everything. Again…good points, all rational.  But a year and a half later I have disproved the rule and am typing this entry and adoring my watch in an enormous display of narcissistic multi-tasking.

tn_DSC08471I guess my point is that I know my process.  I know when I am serious about something and I can differentiate that from an impulsive whim.  Every spring and summer I want to get a motorcycle and since our sunny weather only lasts for about five months, I usually get over it.  This year, that experience intersected with an opportunity to make it real and I took it.  Case closed.  Nothing new here.  I pivot and take directions that make sense at the time but may have never made sense in the past.  Anyone that’s known me for awhile knows that I don’t accept my daily flavors as a complete meal.  Rather, I make a concerted effort to add to my life palette with different experiences, evolving interests and no fear of redefining myself.  Ever.  None.

tn_hells-angelsSo I know that by buying a Harley I am now on deck for people to crown me with a mid-life crisis trophy.  I’m on approach to 40 – I get it.  I also don’t much give a fuck.

So see you on the street player.

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