Jun 29

tn_DSC08489It’s just about 9am here in Mexico.  I’m on our balcony, on the 24th floor, watching and listening to the ocean, along with the other sounds of the morning…birds, gekkos.  I guess that’s about it.  No people yet.  It’s the same balcony that causes me so much stress during the day because the safety rails are low and my girls like to climb.  Feet on the ground, only with an adult, no climbing. Those are the rules we set Sunday.  But they’re behind me now, sleeping in the big bed.  No stress this morning.  Just relaxed.

tn_DSC08498Cruise ships are rolling in, much to the likings of the locals.  88% of the economy is tourism down here, that’s what I’m told.  Good and bad I suppose.   Seems like it would suck to be a city that thrives or withers based on the lives of people far, far away.  Then again, seems like it would NOT suck to live in Mexico all the time.  I’ve been all over this country and life is just easier here.  I like that.

tn_DSC08519There is a hazy mist over the ocean, but I can tell it’s going to be a sunny morning.  The mist will burn off…always does.  I can see a man fishing, down below.  The beach here makes an interesting sound.  Maybe it’s actually the tide.   Whichever, it’s the fact that there isn’t sand where we are – there are rocks.  The water comes in, bringing waves of gravel and stones.  Then, as it pulls away from the land, it takes them back, causing a rattling sound of stone against stone.  Rhonda said last night, dead on, it sounds like a rainmaker.

tn_DSC08491The quiet has ended.  Rhonda came out, sleepy-eyed, followed by Bird who climbed into my lap, now she’s looking over the edge.  Then my dad peeked his head around the corner from his balcony with a Corona and handed over some high powered binoculars.  I sneaked into Kim’s room to steal the coffee maker.  She stirred, then asked me to make some eggs.  9am and the day is off to a languid start.  Just what it is supposed to be on vacation, I think.

tn_DSC08655Things are going well though I’d be lying not to log the fact that there has been some tension between my dad and Kim, between Kim and everyone.  It’s nothing I couldn’t have guessed, I suppose.  I naively expected the get-to-know you period to end after a day or so.  There are layers and layers of issues, occurring across years and years of time, and those dynamics are compounded by the intersection of father-son-daughter-sister-brother relations.  Tension seems inevitable when I try and be intellectual about it all.

tn_DSC08680Rhonda pointed out last night that we are doing this trip because we want to be closer – all of us.  We see each other for 2-4 hours a year and we never get beneath the skin during those conversations because we’re together to celebrate a holiday and catch up.  That’s not what this trip is for – we’re spending time together and trying to find common ground.  It makes all the sense in the world if, during that time, we have strife and conflict.  That’s what getting close is going to be about with the people on this trip.  So…we shouldn’t shy away from tough discussions or  issues that surface that may be rooted in earlier years…maybe even decades passed.  We should talk.  We should forgive.  We should look for how to be stronger.

Pretty insightful, I thought.  That wife of mine kicks ass.

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