Jun 27

tn_IMG00231-20100627-1520Right now, I’m writing this high above Mexico, somewhere.  We’re in a mostly empty plane en route to Puerto Vallarta.  The girls are sprawled out on Rhonda across the aisle, not wanting to be too far away after ending their four week separation this morning (I took this picture with my phone).  Kim is a couple rows ahead.  I’ve got a whole row to myself.    This is the third plane I’ve been on today.  We woke up in Vegas at 5:30, got to the airport and flew to Denver to pick up the girls before heading south of the border.  Jesus…I’m tired already and have a whole week of vacation ahead of me.

tn_DSC08223So far so good.  June has been everything I thought it would be – crazy, fast paced, difficult, fun…all that.  I’m happy that we’re all in one place right now.  Even though technology has made it an easy month to be apart, there is only so much of that you can do before it loses its luster.  I was over it.  And actually, both Rhonda and I thought the video conferencing we did while she was in China took away from quality letter writing we may have otherwise done and wished that wasn’t the case.  I don’t know that we would have changed it though.  Seeing each other was just way better than not.  Sometimes we’d log on and there just wasn’t much to talk about but we didn’t want to go away.  We’d just look at each other.

tn_DSC08188This is the best picture ever and let me tell you why.  Friday night Rhonda & I saw each other for the first time in a month, reuniting at the Vegas airport.  I was so excited to see her and I wanted to do something special.  Remember, it was our anniversary too!  So… I went the airport a little earlier than I needed to and secured a big stretch limo for our ride back to the hotel.  Why not, right?  Of all the money I piss away in Vegas on extinguishable goods and services, why not put some of it towards something worthwhile?  I tried to surprise her, too, but Rhonda just knows me all too well.  Even though I texted her and said I was running late, she got off the train and walked right up to me.  I can’t get away with anything anymore.  Anyway…long story short, we connected and I gave her a flower and the biggest hug and kiss ever.  Then we went outside where my driver said “Hello Bubba!” and opened the door for my wife.  Awesome.  What was not so awesome was when Rhonda spilled a bottled water right on my crotch while we were in the back of the limo.  Yeah – nice.  It was so funny though that I just had to own it and get a picture.


From there, it was just about 36 hours of perhaps the most fun, yet subdued Vegas experience I have ever had.  I soaked in the salt water pool at the Wynn for probably no less than four hours a day, barely gambled anything ($100 at the pool bar while I was waiting for drinks) and didn’t even do any high end restaurants.  What the hell?  That sounds like someone else’s Vegas experience – not mine!  The truth if it all is that I’ve been on the go for months so having some non-kid down time was superb.  Also, this is the fourth time I’ve been to Vegas this year so yeah, blow-your-brain-out-Vegas-experience not required.  So that’s what we did – not much.  And we had fun not doing it all too.  Hey – here’s Brock getting the rubdown that convinced us that we needed to go to an Asian massage parlor at midnight.  So maybe there were some Vegas-ish things on the menu after all.

tn_DSC08285Oh yeah, Brock!  We were actually in Vegas for Brock & Chari’s wedding!  They got married at a small little chapel down by Mandalay Bay.  I think in total – there were about 10 or 12 people there.  Man…the best recipe for having fun at a wedding is a) having it be a couple you actually care about and b) not having any responsibility whatsoever.  I actually didn’t make it 100% on the second point; 24 hours before the ceremony Brock asked me to figure out where the reception dinner could be.  Um what?  But hey, finding good food is exactly in my wheelhouse so things turned out ok.  You know, now that I think about it, they didn’t have a photographer so I was also tasked with taking most of the pictures.  Mostly that was a self-ordained position, but the motive was pure.  I knew how hard they’d be kicking themselves years into the future if they didn’t have decent pictures from their wedding.  Anyway…good times.  I think they did it exactly the way they wanted to which is, of course, the only perfect way to do a wedding.

tn_DSC08462So away to Mexico we go.  Another adventure.  I don’t know what this week is going to be like, but I’ve been putting a little mental pre-planning into my own experience, reminding myself to be patient with my sister, to be a good son to my father.  I feel prepared to tackle it all.  Rhonda and the girls are back together.  I’m leaving already sunburned and I’m leaving relaxed.  And I’m leaving for vacation!  And I’m leaving with my family!!  Bring it on.

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