Jun 13

tn_DSC07789Ava and Lily have surprised me by requiring virtually no ‘warming up’ period for Colorado, my mom, their cousins on this side of the family or anything else.  I thought for sure they would be struggling with missing their mom or Heather and be very clingy with me.  It was a big stressor, actually, since I knew I’d need to keep some semblance of a normal work schedule and leave them in the care of others, at least during the day.  But turns out my concern was all in vain.  The two of them have been going 90 miles an hour and not looking back.  Right now Ava is taking a shower by herself.  That’s never happened before.  My baby is growing up right in front of me.

tn_DSC08066And last night when Lily wouldn’t eat, Ava said she would “handle it”.  No joke – I am the master of getting Lulu to eat and it wasn’t happening whether or not it was me playing all my ridiculous eating games or my mom playing her’s.  Finally, just as I was shrugging it off and assuming she wasn’t hungry, Bird told us she knew what to do and pulled up a chair.

“What animal do you want me to be Lulu?” She asked.  “A snake?”

Furious nods from Lily.


tn_DSC08047I watched as a fork full of fish and rice slithered into Lily’s mouth.  Then another followed – a pig – and then a bird.  Pretty soon an entire farmyard of animals had marched down into Lily’s belly, each taking a haul of salmon, green beans or rice.

“Good job Lil!” Ava said.  “Do you want a special treat now?”

More nods.

“Dad can we get an ice cream sandwich?  My sister and me ate all our food.”

Then it was me nodding…part in affirmation and part in wonderment.  What the hell just happened? I think this trip is bringing them together.

tn_DSC09378Yesterday we went over and saw my Grandma’s new place…her new retirement home, though it’s more like a luxury apartment building than anything else.  I was happy to see that it was decorated like her house.  In fact, it was very similar, just not two levels.  The girls have already been there once or twice and they knew right where everything was.  When we walked in, they immediately ran to the wooden dolls from Russia that have incrementally smaller and smaller dolls inside of each other.  Funny.  I used to play with those as a kid too.  Grandma showed us around and we stayed and had lunch with her in the dining hall.  I feel good about her living there.  My last frame of reference for a retirement home was about 20 years ago when my Great Grandma was living in one.  Big difference.  Maybe that was more like assisted living.  Can’t remember.  Anyway…that place was awful, this place is nice.  And I guess the important part is that Grandma loves it and also that it was her decision to move there.

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