Jun 12

tn_AVWhat a hell week.  Starting the Tuesday after Memorial Day, I’ve had 12 straight work days ranging from prep for a national retreat to actually pulling off the retreat, going to DC for a few pivotal meetings and just the daily grind of what I need to accomplish in an ongoing way.  Things are going well at work, I won’t complain.  It’s a notable difference to be more in charge of pulling these big things off, rather than just being an attendee and participant.  It’s a lot more responsibility, ostensibly a lot less fun.  I’ve reached a level where I simply can’t function the way that I need to if I’ve been out partying all night, too, which I guess is an important lesson to learn.  (For some reason, I learn and relearn this lesson all the time.)

It’s been good that my friends and I have been on parallel work tracks.  While I’ve been busy with my things, so have they with theirs.  Moreover, when we actually had time to hang out this week, no one was all that motitn_DSC07668vated to do anything high impact.  I guess the other part of that is that we’re all on approach to 40 and simply not interested in beating our brains in at the bars every time we have a few hours or an open night.  We mused over that last night over dinner, how it was more fun to go get some food and a couple of beers and call it a night.  Jesus.  I wonder what 60 is going to look like?

tn_DSC08137I feel healthy in Colorado.  The air smells and feels fresh.  Every time I go outside I get a rush of memories just from the weather.  When it’s sunny and fresh cut grass is in the air, I think of football.  It was balmy yesterday and I was reminded of working construction during summer breaks.  Camping, high school, ski trips and, well…just being a kid…it’s all still here, memories hanging on the air.  And people are healthy here too.  They like to be outside.  They like to be doing something.  Such a stark contrast to Ohio.  Cory, Scott and I took a few minutes to check out ‘Mudapalooza’ this week.  What’s that?  A bunch of college aged hippies playing mud volleyball and drinking beer.  See what I mean?  Young people drinking beer – we’ve got them in Ohio.  The difference is that they wouldn’t be doing anything else active, let alone playing a sport.  In fact, they probably wouldn’t be doing anything at all.  Watching NASCAR maybe.

tn_MPj02850920000[1]And speaking of being active… I’ve been going to this gym around the corner from my mom’s house and loving it.  It’s huge and modern, already a step above anything I have access to in Lima.  The clientele doesn’t matter much since I always lock myself in my music box when I’m working out…but it looks like a nice crowd.  I’ve been cranking out 4 miles and lifting weights (not heavy) every day before 6am, then getting to the office somewhere between 7 and 8.  Seems like the world starts earlier here, like people actually try and get more things done in a day.  I like it.

tn_8926118a0d6de050_mI also love the entire corner where the gym is located.  When I was growing up – it was a field.  A big, empty field.  Today there is a gym, car wash, cleaners, veterinarian, bank, bar and a few restaurants, including a sushi place.  What else do you need???  Two nights in a row I ate sushi there, last night taking Troy and his girlfriend.  The food was awesome, the service was solid.  Win/win.  Come to think of it, I dropped $250 in just under 24 hours.  No wonder they were treating me like a relative.

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