Jun 1

tn_globalIt’s 8am Monday morning.  Just got your email.  I’ve been leaving my computer on in case you log on to Skype, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea since I may not be sitting here.  I dialed you a couple times to see if you would pick up.  What’s up with that picture?  It looks like you cut your hair.  I’m glad you wrote back.  I think these letters will be useful for us communicating, but also as journal archives.  This is historic!  It’s the longest period of time we’ve ever gone without seeing each other!

tn_cliffordMan, there are more dogs walking by outside my mom’s window.  I don’t remember so many people with pets living around here.  And you know who is completely irritated about it, whispering under her breath as they walk by “Mm hmm…that dog right there is the one that always poops outside my door.  I just know it.  And see her?  I don’t know what that woman does for a job…”  lol.  Wait, did I just include ‘lol’ in a letter?  I did!  And it fit so well for what I was trying to convey!

tn_DSC07674We ended up going to Scott’s last night.  Cory and Troy were there for awhile.  We sat outside and listened to music and just relaxed.  Everybody looked and sounded good.  The girls had a blast.  They wanted to go swimming but I vetoed it because it was late and a little windy and, given that they were on east coast time and hadn’t had naps, they were super tired.  But they ran around with Scott’s kids, played games and had snacks.  Bird learned how to make a paint brush out of a blade of grass, so she spent about an hour hunched over making dozens of “paint brushes.”  Lily hunkered down in the sand box and built various architectural masterpieces.

tn_DSC07702Man…Scott’s kids eat a lot of sweets.  I am not kidding…those kids ate smores, full chocolate bars, popsicles, marshmallows…you name it.  At some point, it became so over the top that our kids weren’t even jealous – they were amazed.  Bird leaned over to me and said “Um, Dad. Why are they eating so many special treats?” Then Bean – “They are definitely going to have to brush their teeth!  Definitely!”  Good times.

tn_CaptureOk, so now its noon and I’ve talked to you and this and everything else is irrelevant.  I’m actually happy about that, however.  I’m thinking of posting these letters on my web site and given who reads it sometimes…it was way better to have some of that discussion without having to put it in writing….heh heh heh…  And you obviously haven’t cut your hair, thank God.  I am pretty impressed with the video chat quality.  The audio was good, video was good, they were synched so you didn’t look like a bad kung fu movie…49 minutes and no tech problems.  And it was FREE.  God bless the internet.

tn_Video 4 0 00 03-04After talking to you this morning I feel very comfortable and calm.  You’re safe, we’re safe.  You and I are good.  I’ll be able to have a structured routine while I’m here.  Hit the gym in the morning, spend some time in the office, hang out with the girls and my family…good deal.  I hope the weather stays nice.  It’s really easy to forget how much humidity sucks ass until you spend some time in a dry climate.  The weather is actually nice here.  It was 85-90 both days we drove but it’s in the mid-70’s here.  Chapstick is a must though.  The girls are drying out like crazy.  I’m making them drink water.

tn_mountainI actually just got back from the gym.  That place is really nice.  The facilities are very modern with a lot of windows, childcare, and an attached salon.  Fancy. I was a little worried that the altitude might throw me a beatdown, but I ran 5 miles without much trouble then did some light weights.  Feels good.  Someone told me I looked skinny last night…actually, since my hair is short…they said I looked skinny and young.  It’s a weird feeling when you know something isn’t true but the perceptions of others are preferable to reality.  Hey, whatever.  Good motivation to keep it up I guess.

I tell you what…that little corner by my mom’s house has got it going on.  It’s got a car wash, a bar, a gym, dentist, cleaners, chiropractor, coffee place, some restaurants, a bank, etc…  Seriously, what else do you need?  We don’t even have fucking sidewalks. Ok, enough down that road.  As we both know…I might not make it back.

tn_tokyoI’m anxious to hear about your flight and what it was like to be in the Tokyo Hotel, ride the ferry, have to interface with anyone in your transit between point A & B. Whenever I have been in a foreign country, I always fine transportation to be the most intimidating part.  Like right now, I’m thinking about how nervous I got catching a train from Florence to Venice last time I was in Italy.  I always feel like I’m going to get on the wrong train or someone is going to charge me triple.  Ha.  Then I log those moments so I can actually be helpful to people who don’t speak English when they are here.

tn_DSC07748Just talked to the girls.  They are at Great Grandma’s watering the plants, then going grocery shopping with Grandma.


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