Apr 10

tn_Picture 2418:45 on a Saturday morning.  The day wants to be nice.  The sun is out, the weather is warm.  In a matter of minutes I’ll hear racing pitter patters echoing from my room (where the girls snuck into bed with us somewhere around 5am).  Its fun to wake up with little kids wrapped all around you.  It’s not always comfortable.  But fun.  Those feet will pad down the long hall from our bedroom to where I am, in my office.  Whichever girl it is will crawl up into my lap without saying a word.  She’ll put her head on my shoulder and stay still for the duration of whatever song happens to be playing at the time.  Right now it’s ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’ by Evanescence.

skd273191sdcWe’re going to go look at a house at 11, after Rhonda gets back from her c-section.  Though it sounds fun, I don’t really know why we’re looking at it.  It’s a big house, expensive too.  We wouldn’t be able to buy it without selling this one first and this house isn’t in shape to go on the market right now, as much as we may wish that was the case.  But it will be fun to look.  Maybe it will get us motivated to sell.  Hey, maybe we’ll get all impulsive and buy it (see: 7200 S. Las Vegas Blvd).

tn_newhouseUpdate – we’re back from looking at the house, excited of course.  We didn’t buy, but everything about this place spoke to us.  It was bigger than our house, newer too, and it was on a beautiful two acre lot like ours…even with a river and woods.  That’s important because it’s the property that makes our current house tolerable most days.  There were three levels.  The upstairs was four bedrooms that the family had designated as a kid zone (they have four), which I liked.  Every bedroom had a bathroom too – also good.  The main floor had the master bedroom and a master bath that’s bigger than our bedroom.  Now that’s saying a lot because our bedroom is massive.  The kitchen was good, not great and I know I’m a snob about kitchens.  But why wouldn’t I be?  I cook all the time.  We hang out in the kitchen all the time.  Downstairs was a massive collection of open space and more bedrooms/offices – all finished.  Could we see ourselves living there?  Absolutely.  We stayed for almost two hours chatting it up with the owners and picturing our kids riding their scooters down the long and winding driveway, between the sheets of manicured lawn. Then we left with a lot to talk about, a lot to think about.

tn_groceries1On the way home we stopped by a new store that has been advertised on local tv…a discount produce place.  Once we got there it became clear that the fruits and vegetables they were selling were probably ones that couldn’t make the grade at a regular store.  Hey, no big deal to me.  There was some irony, going from looking at a 7,000 square foot house to a discount grocery warehouse where tomatoes were 79 cents a pound.  The whole experience left me feeling a combination of things that I’m not used to…a little guilt, a little validation about who I am as a person.  That is to say I felt a little guilty buying discount groceries alongside a bunch of poor people when I can afford the prices at the regular store.  And I felt validated in a way because I know I have worked hard enough to raise myself above at least one hierarchy of need – survival, plus I have no problem being in the poorer parts of town.  My keep-it-real factor is still in tact.

Anyway…a lot about nothing.  I just glanced at the calendar noting both my impending birthday and a trip to DC this week.  More on life later I guess.  That’s how it works when ‘it’ is ‘me’.

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