Feb 8

tn_lodgeA few nights ago we had dinner at some friend’s house, if you can call it a house.  The truth is that they live in a Ski Lodge – no joke.  It’s called the Timberbear Lodge and it’s about a mile away from us in Lima sitting back off the road on 35 acres, surrounded by 1,000 pine trees.  I didn’t think it was cool to photograph their house so this isn’t an actual picture of it but it’s close.  Theirs is, um…bigger.  Way bigger.  These guys used to live in Colorado and at some point they decided the liked living there so much that they were going to dedicate their time and money to building a Colorado ski lodge right here in Lima….live how they wanted to live but waaaaay cheaper.  I don’t even know how to describe this palace other than to say it was a Cribs-caliber mansion with just about every whistle and bell you could imagine.  Here’s a little taste:

tn_checkHeated rock floors – check.  Home theater complete with candy shop – check.  Huge entertainment room with stage and wired PA for a band – check.  Gym – check.  Wine cellar – check.  Two story walk in closet – check.  Check.

tn_VAA010-FR-PH-CO-MDI could go on and on but what’s the point?  I left there feeling inspired by spending time with people who put so much effort into creating a home that really excites them.  We stayed up late designing houses on the internet and talking about what materials we would use…a cedar, sound proof room for my guitars…a granite bar around our kitchen that’s bigger than our living room… The next day I etched out three pages of a dream house while doing conference calls for work.

tn_savingsThen we talked about giving ourselves a financial makeover…really digging in to what we spend, how much we make and how we make changes that allow us to do more.  We decided we would create a short term plan to be debt free.  We don’t have a lot of debt now outside of our two houses.  So the point would really be to pay those things off and then catapult our savings and investments and build the house we want to live in, that we want our kids to grow up in…start living for our kids’ futures, you know?

tn_looking-forwardIt’s fun to have something lo look forward to.  I actually told Heather that we were going to buy some land and build a new place, then I said those exact words – that it’s fun to have something to look forward to.  She gave me the most quizzical look and then asked me what I meant.

“Well you know…something fun besides work, dinner and death.  Something to look forward to.”

Still not connecting with my vision, she just shook her head.

“Well that’s just life.”

Not my life.

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