Jan 11

tn_FloridaAnother night in Florida – Tallahassee actually, which is way different than Florida ‘at large’…at least I think it is.  Seems more like Georgia than it does anywhere else I’ve been in Florida.  I think I’m fairly close to Valdosta, which makes me think of Travis.  It was maybe nine years ago that he and I did a little southern road trip starting in Atlanta and ending in Orlando.  Actually, we ended in Atlanta, but we sure made a big ass loop to get from there to, well, to there.  I remember sleeping in his Pathfinder in a strip mall parking lot, then rolling into a coastal diner when the sun came up and ordering the entire menu.  Heh heh heh… “You boys can’t eat all that” the waitress told us.  We agreed.  “We just want to try it all.”  Good times.  That was in Savannah, Georgia.

tn_Picture 250I’m reflecting on my work day, feeling happy that our operations in Florida are getting stronger.  Wait, strike that.  Our operations haven’t changed except for now I am dealing with the state.  But…since I’ve been dealing with it, I think we’ve made a lot of progress in bringing the groups together, tamping down their frustration and renewing their faith in what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.  Make no mistake…it hasn’t been stress free, or even pain free for that matter.  I fully expect that we will lose some folks over the course of time.  But the end result will be better, that I know for sure.

tn_mgrI’m learning a lot about myself as a manager…good and bad.  Sometimes I feel terrible about the job I’m doing, sometimes I think I’m fabulous.  That could have a lot to do with the fact that I’m fucking crazy.  But I notice there are fewer and fewer situations that I come into and don’t know what to do, or at least don’t have an idea about how to make them better.  That’s very important, I think.  Eventually that’s what I want to do in a more autonomous way.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my future as a professional, what my next move is and whether or not the way I’m thinking about going is actually the right way to go.  Someone I respect once told me that things are going to be hard for me because I, like him, have a skill that’s harder to sell.  He said “We know how to fix shit and solve problems and make things work.  How the fuck do you market that?”  It’s a good point.  It’s not like mail or media or something else where the output is clear and concrete.

But whatever.  I’ll worry about that more when I need to.  Today I just miss the girls and that’s all I want to think about.

tn_Picture 232

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