May 15

tn_cigar_picUgh…got a mild headache today.  Not bad, but persistent.  I expected worse.  Last night was a beer and cigar tasting event at the country club.  I smoked two cigars, which is never a good idea.  And we all know that I don’t ever go light on the beer, especially when I’m anxious (see: any time I’m at the club).  They actually had five beers paired with five cigars, which I didn’t understand at all.  There have been maybe three times in life when I have smoked two cigars in one night and it about wrecked me for a week.  No way could I imagine five.  I didn’t even believe others would smoke them all either but the night manager said they were.  Whatever.  Good for them.

tn_DSC01413I took two new friends.  One that is the husband of the lady that’s been decorating our house and the other is one of my Sheriff friends.  I knew it would be super painful for him as he hates pretentious bullshit.  Me too but hey…free high end beer and cigars.  I even had to throw down some peer pressure to get him there, creating a permission slip and posting it on his girlfriend’s Facebook page.  Heh heh heh…what an asshole I am. I actually think that was the deal sealer though.

tn_DSC01419We had a great time.  I didn’t know how cool the two guys were that I took until we spent almost the entire night talking about our lives and smack talking all the country club wankers.  Loved it.  Believe me, I was happy to not hang out with the douche bags at the club and bring people I actually know instead.  That’s the way I like to roll.  And it worked out too, Todd (cop friend) knows everyone, including the GM at the club who he apparently grew up with.  That’s going to be helpful for me in the future, (since he’s one of the people who always seems to forget my name.)

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