Jun 27

tn_korean_bbqI was so fed up after my last entry that I forgot to write about the fun things we did – namely go to Koreatown for barbecue with Travis, Steph, Jeff, Jaime, Helen, Kong and one of Jeff’s friends.  Of course the decision to go for Korean bbq was largely based on the reality of us not being able to get that kind of food in Lima, at least not without a struggle.  But we also went there because the same group, albeit with an addition or two, did the same thing the last time we were in LA…four years ago.  The restaurant wasn’t anywhere I’d been before.  It was a loud, open-air place that felt a lot like being in someone’s back yard.  Smoke from the grills were blowing all over and would be annoying anywhere where you weren’t anticipating and hoping to stuff yourself silly, but fortunately that’s exactly why we were there.

tn_DSC03158Loud and rambunctious as it was, the girls had no problem falling asleep…right there…right in their chairs.  Both of them!  We pulled three chairs together tight, Rhonda’s being in the middle, and each of them were able to put their heads on her lap.  I was surprised since Lily slept two full hours on the way home and Ava got in about an hour.  Even more amazing…Lily has never been the one who can nod off in loud settings…and it was very loud.  That’s Ava.  But my little Lulu zonked out somewhere between chews of rice.  Been a big week I guess.

tn_DSC02584There were a lot of toasts.  First – one to Joon for not being with us. Travis, Helen and I are driving out east to see him today.  His absence was definitely noticeable.  Maybe because he would have been the only Korean…heh heh heh.  Then another toast to Helen & Kong on expecting a new baby and being engaged.  Wow.  WOW.  More on that later.  Jeff toasted us for coming out to California, which was nice.  This group gets along well and it’s curious to me that we don’t convene more often.  Then I whispered in Helen’s ear to toast Travis and Stephanie because last time we were here they weren’t even engaged yet!  Kong, Jaime and Steven were newcomers to our little group…so we toasted them.  And then finally…finally I toasted my wife, seeing as it was our anniversary.  What a fun group.  What a fun night.  Unfortunately I forgot the camera so I only have video footage.  Here’s roughly the same group a few days ago in Venice.

I’m going to head back to the room now.  Travis will be here before too long and we’ll take the hour drive out into the desert to see Joon in jail.  The girls will stay here and swim in the pool.  Hopefully I’ll have time to do that with them when I get back.  Maybe we’ll go to Santa Monica in the afternoon.

Then we’ll go home.

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